We are a group of high school teachers in Chilliwack B.C., Canada, working in a blended learning environment where we have integrated Moodle with our face to face classrooms. We have noticed many students would benefit from Moodling on a more frequent and timely basis to improve their learning. Knowing how busy teachers are, we wanted to find a way to automatically reward student learning in Moodle.  After doing research on the benefits of adding gamification (“nudging”) to learning environments, we decided to create Mootivated.  We are thrilled to have paired up with veteran game developer Peter Lolley to build our mobile apps and dashboard, while Frederic Massart has done a phenomenal job creating our plugins.

From Left to Right: Paul Bernard, Dave Campbell, Matt Ferris, and Jeff Campbell (Founder) Missing: Chris Reilly as he doesn’t ride downhill, but we still like him.